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Would you like to enjoy the luxury and prestige of a mighty Cadillac without the price tag that comes with it? Buying a used or Certified Pre-Owned vehicle is a great option for this as they come at a reduced price. Thanks to Cadillac’s outstanding quality and our maintenance team, they are also in a shape nearly indistinguishable from new. Where is all this possible you ask; at Roy Foss Cadillac Woodbridge.

We are a dedicated GM dealership and run one of the largest franchises in all of Canada. This brings several unique advantages to you when shopping with us. Firstly, our selection of pre-owned Cadillacs is without compare. This is key when shopping for a used vehicle with exactly the features and condition you’re looking for. We also are trained and certified to work on and maintain all Cadillac vehicles, meaning anything you buy from us, new or used, will have received the best service possible.

Cadillac; Quality Used Cadillac Sedans and SUVs

Cadillac has a long standing and iconic reputation for producing some of the most luxurious and enduring vehicles in the world. They use top quality materials and a stringent criteria for build quality; ensuring every vehicle’s exquisite form and features will stand the test of time. This is especially relevant in the case of used vehicles. A Cadillac with equal mileage will have far more life and reliability in it than most competitors.

We have a wide range of different Certified Pre-owned Cadillacs for sale and new options are always showing up daily. In the SUV segment, some of the most popular vehicles we have are the SRX and its successor, the XT5. A mid size SUV, the SRX and XT5 are masters at chauffeuring family and companions around the city of Toronto in high class luxury. High end features such as leather interior, advanced engines and the latest technology grace the SR and XT5. They are also built to adapt to their driver’s needs, carrying cargo and filing nearly any other role.

If you’d prefer to navigate the city with the agility of a car, we commonly have a fine lineup of used Cadillac ATS’s and its newer relatives, the CTS and XTS. They incorporate the finest materials and a sophisticated demeanor to give you a ride in style and air of authority. Escalades occasionally make appearances as well and are an iconic way to arrive on any scene.

Certified Pre-Owned Cadillacs, at Affordable Prices

We operate one of the largest GM franchises in Canada. This gives you the best chance of finding that perfect used Cadillac for you. Wireless phone charging pads, heated and vented seats, moonroofs and other rare features are all common place at Roy Foss Cadillac Woodbridge.

Each vehicle that comes into our care is handled with an expert touch. This is especially true for any Certified Pre-Owned Cadillac. However, as our specially trained staff can assess potential issues thousands of kilometers before they become noticeable. Every vehicle is inspected down to the bolts before it is deemed ready to be sold, giving you assurance that your Certified Pre-Owned Cadillac will operate as if it was new.

We price our Certified Pre-Owned Cadillacs to respect the fact they have been off the lot before. They are significantly lower priced than a brand new or competing Cadillacs. We consider mileage, condition and features when deciding how to make each Cadillac the best deal in Woodbridge.

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So, if you’re looking for a vehicle to satisfy your discerning tastes, but also be a smart buy; a used or Certified Pre-owned Cadillac is a prime choice. They bring luxury, quality and a reputation you can count on to last; and the best place to get one is at Roy Foss Cadillac Woodbrdige! Our second to none selection is the most likely place for your dream Cadillac to be hiding, while our top rate service and pricing ensure you’ll be satisfied with it for years to come. Visit us in person at 2 Auto Park Circle, Woodbridge ON.

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